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Body's Voice Healing Center

Our body has an innate voice that needs to be recognized in the healing process and for general wellness.  I focus on tools that listen to that voice, working with the body, soul and spiritual connection.  I feel that our bodies are divinely created for our destinies.  It is my desire to come alongside my clients to offer hope, to inspire, work with the body so that they can accomplish all that they are designed for reflecting their Creator.

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Treatment Options

I focus on techniques that listen to the body’s voice and work with the body, soul, and spirit connection. With the healing process, it is my desire to empower my clients with knowledge, understanding, and treatment as they take charge of their healing and growth.  This is the client’s journey and responsibility,  I empower and cheer them on as they reach their potential!

Back Massage

Structural/Muscle Massage

Posture awareness and correction 
Therapeutic injury massage

Pressure point massage 2

Fascia Body Work

SMRT=Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique 
Trigger point Therapy 
Myofascial Release
SMRT Cranial Sacral


Proper Connection/Communication

Reconnect the body as a whole after it has been injured or traumatized

Rehab of areas after surgery /pregnancy/injury 

Muscle balancing


Energy Enhancement

Cranial Sacral

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Back Massage

"Di has magic hands that some how know exactly what your body needs.  She worked on me postpartum and relieved so much pain in my upper back and neck as well as helped work on my stomach muscles to help with the process of healing my diastastis recti. I could literally feel my muscles relaxing and tension leaving my body. It's like she knows exactly what they need!"

Rachel S.

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